John Edgar For Colorado's 5th

I am running for Congress because our country is at a critical crossroads and the path we are on is unsustainable. For too long, we have been fed a narrative that “Government is the problem,” and it’s chipped away at what should be a universally held belief that a government that is effective and filled with virtue is essential to a healthy and thriving democracy. The narrative that President Reagan made famous more than 40 years ago has given rise to individuals who lack virtue and are ineffective.

I’ve been a part of this community for more than 20 years, and as I campaign to represent you in the US House of Representatives, I am constantly reminded of our great strengths and immense challenges. I want to represent everyone in this district and bring a better brand of politics, focused solely on solving problems rather than creating chaos.

I believe in fighting for policies that benefit everyone, not just a select few. From healthcare to education to tax policy, I’m in this race for fairness and equality. I believe in working together with those I may not always agree with and being honest in an effort to solve problems through compromise and collaboration.

With your help we can tackle our problems head-on and work towards having a more inclusive district where nobody gets left behind.

Help John fight for democracy. Your support matters.

I'm John Edgar and I'm ready to fight for Colorado's Fifth District

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