John Edgar For Colorado's 5th

About John

Early Life and Values

Born in Minnesota, John Edgar moved to Texas with his family when he was just a baby. Raised by a father who worked as an elementary school music teacher and a mother who worked as an administrative assistant , money was always tight.  Growing up in a home with limited financial resources, he learned the importance of hard work, self-determination, honesty, and the value of friendships.

Passion for Entrepreneurship

John’s passion for entrepreneurship emerged at a young age. By third grade, he was already learning about free market capitalism, supply and demand, earning profit,  individual spending habits, and consumers’ marginal propensity to consume. He started applying these important lessons by selling inexpensive products at the school playground and cafeteria, as well as going door-to-door around the neighborhood.

College and Early Career

During his time at Texas State University (formerly known as Southwest Texas State University), John worked full-time, lived in a single-wide trailer with two of his best friends, and finished a semester early with a degree in finance. Three days after graduation in December of 2000, John started working in Austin, TX, with a national equipment rental company that would soon entrust him to go to multiple states to rescue struggling operations.

Building a Life in Colorado Springs

The last such move brought John to Colorado Springs, fulfilling a dream he had since a family road trip brought him through the area and to the top of Pikes Peak in 1991 when he was 12 years old. Within months of moving to Colorado Springs at 24 years old, John knew this was the city for him and immediately believed it would be where he would build his life. John would establish roots in Colorado Springs, he started a business that would eventually employ local staff and hire local small companies as his preferred vendors.

John’s first company was truly a bootstrap endeavor.  Instead of relying on money from his parents or going to a bunch of investors the survival of John’s company required the complete liquidation of his modest 401k and a frugal lifestyle. John relied on hard work, self-determination, honesty, and enduring relationships to get the business where he envisioned. 

Philanthropy and Family

It has always been John’s belief that those who can help others ought to. In 2009, John (along with his brother) began setting up multiple endowments and scholarships to assist hard-working, often disadvantaged students determined to achieve academic goals in higher education. These scholarships have and will continue to impact lives positively.

In 2010, John met his now-wife Jennifer in New Orleans, and in January 2017, together, they had their first and only child. Their son is a first grader in public school. To support public education, Jennifer works full-time at a public school, while John volunteers his time at school, usually 2 to 4 days per week.

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