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Title: Extension of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Support for Small Businesses

Proposed by: John Edgar, Candidate for United States House of Representatives, Colorado’s 5th Congressional District

Whereas, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has been instrumental in providing broadband subsidies to low-income households, facilitating access to essential services, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities;

Whereas, the ACP has demonstrated its efficacy in narrowing the digital divide and promoting economic growth, as evidenced by its positive impact on GDP, employment rates, and government savings;

Whereas, the impending expiration of the ACP poses significant risks to millions of households, including potential job loss, loss of access to healthcare, and academic setbacks for children;

Whereas, small businesses, particularly those retailing devices to ACP participants, face disruption and financial strain if the program is not extended, risking the livelihoods of thousands of employees across the country;

Therefore, be it resolved:

Extension of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP):

– The ACP shall be extended for an additional two years to ensure uninterrupted access to broadband subsidies for eligible households.

– Funding for the extension shall be allocated to sustain the program’s operations and meet the growing demand for affordable connectivity.

Support for Small Businesses:

– Recognizing the vital role of small businesses in facilitating access to technology for ACP participants, specific provisions shall be implemented to support these enterprises.

– Financial assistance, technical support, and resources shall be provided to small businesses retailing devices to ACP beneficiaries to mitigate the potential adverse effects of the program’s expiration.

– Incentives and grants shall be offered to encourage the expansion of small businesses’ operations, including the establishment of additional retail stores and the enhancement of online platforms for device distribution.

Collaboration and Oversight:

– Government agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Small Business Administration (SBA), and relevant stakeholders, shall collaborate to ensure the effective implementation and oversight of the extended ACP.

– Regular evaluations and assessments of the program’s impact on households, small businesses, and the economy shall be conducted to inform future policy decisions and adjustments.

Legislative Support and Bipartisan Cooperation:

– Members of Congress from both parties are urged to prioritize the extension of the ACP and provide bipartisan support for the proposed legislation.

– Efforts shall be made to garner consensus and overcome political barriers, ensuring timely passage of the extension bill to prevent disruption to ACP participants and small businesses.

Long-term Planning and Innovation:

– Investments in broadband infrastructure and technology shall be pursued to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of the ACP, ensuring its continued relevance in the digital age.

– Research and development initiatives shall be supported to explore innovative solutions for expanding broadband access, reducing costs, and improving service delivery for underserved communities.

In conclusion, the extension of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and support for small businesses are essential for promoting inclusive economic growth, bridging the digital divide, and ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all Americans. This legislative proposal seeks to address these objectives while fostering bipartisan cooperation and long-term sustainability in advancing our nation’s digital infrastructure and small business ecosystem.

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