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Proposal for the Congressional Commission on Homelessness Act of 2025

Proposed by: John Edgar, Candidate for United States House of Representatives, Colorado’s 5th Congressional District

Whereas, the issue of homelessness persists as a pressing national concern, affecting individuals and communities across the United States; and Whereas, recognizing the imperative for comprehensive efforts to address the root causes and provide effective solutions to alleviate homelessness and its associated challenges; Whereas, it is in the national interest to prioritize the eradication and prevention of homelessness to foster economic stability, productivity, public health, social cohesion, and national security;

Section 1: Establishment of the Commission

It is proposed that a commission be established, to be known as the Congressional Commission on Homelessness (CCH).

The CCH shall be composed of ten members, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, ensuring bipartisan representation.

Members of the CCH shall collectively possess expertise in fields relevant to homelessness, including, but not limited to, housing policy, social services, mental health, substance abuse treatment, poverty alleviation, and urban development.

Section 2: Duties and Responsibilities

The proposed CCH shall conduct a comprehensive study and analysis of the root causes, prevalence, and impacts of homelessness in the United States.

Identify best practices and evidence-based strategies for preventing and reducing homelessness, encompassing housing-first approaches, supportive services, and community partnerships.

Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of existing federal, state, and local programs and policies aimed at addressing homelessness.

Make recommendations to Congress and the President for legislative, policy, and budgetary actions to improve outcomes for individuals experiencing homelessness and to promote stable housing and supportive services.

Submit a final report of its findings and recommendations to Congress and the President within 12 months of its establishment.

Section 3: Powers and Authorities

The proposed CCH shall have the power to hold hearings, take testimony, and compel the production of documents and other evidence relevant to its inquiry.

Establish subcommittees or working groups as necessary to facilitate its work and engage with stakeholders.

Consult with federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as with non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and other experts in the field of homelessness.

Section 4: Funding

It is proposed that the necessary funds to support the activities of the CCH, including staff salaries, travel expenses, and administrative costs, shall be appropriated as required.

The proposed CCH may also accept donations, grants, and other forms of support from public or private sources, subject to applicable laws and regulations, to supplement its budget.

Section 5: Termination

It is proposed that the CCH shall terminate six months after submitting its final report, unless otherwise extended by Congress.

Section 6: Effective Date

This proposal shall take effect immediately upon enactment

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