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John Edgar on Student Loans

School desksAs a progressive committed to economic equity and social justice, I advocate for policies that uplift the most vulnerable in our society—the working middle class and the poor. While the idea of student loan forgiveness has gained traction, it’s crucial to recognize its regressive nature. Simply wiping out student debt without considering its implications would disproportionately benefit those with the highest earning potential, further disadvantaging those already struggling.

Instead, I propose targeted solutions that prioritize community benefit and alleviate the burden of student debt without exacerbating wealth disparities:

  1. Implement structured forgiveness programs for individuals who choose to work in vital national sectors over high-paying private sector jobs. This ensures that those making sacrifices for the greater good are rewarded and incentivized.
  2. Offer incentives to employers to contribute funds toward employees’ student loan repayments. This collaborative approach encourages corporate responsibility and eases the financial strain on workers.
  3. Make student loan interest payment deductions permanent for all taxpayers, regardless of whether they itemize deductions or take the standard deduction. This provides ongoing relief for borrowers without relying on blanket forgiveness.
  4. Lower marginal tax rates for personal incomes under $200,000 to ease the financial burden on the working class and stimulate economic growth from the bottom up.
  5. Investigate lenders who used predatory lending practices and hold them liable for financial damages. Any awarded damages should go directly to affected student loans, providing relief to those who were unfairly targeted.
  6. Ensure that student loans are only provided to students who attend accredited colleges, universities, and trade schools. This prevents students from falling victim to “diploma mills” that offer degrees without providing the necessary skills or education for career advancement or national interest.


Graduation cap and gownI am committed to championing progressive policies that prioritize the needs of the working class over regressive measures that concentrate wealth at the top. Across-the-board student loan forgiveness not only fails to address systemic inequities but also risks exacerbating them. Moreover, the immediate forgiveness of $1.7 trillion in student debt would lead to increased inflation and would exacerbate housing affordability issues, particularly for the working class.

By pursuing targeted and sustainable solutions, we can address the root causes of economic inequality and ensure a fair and prosperous future for all.

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